Our partners

To ensure cohesive action in the field, Expertise France collaborates with the best-suited French, European and international experts. It’s a partner-based approach that ensures a global response to countries’ needs.

In France and in the field, Expertise France works and coordinates with other development actors, especially with the « Team France » and the « Team Europe », in order to increase synergies between projects.

Bringing French skills together

As an interministerial operator, Expertise France works closely with all the French public administrations and institutions.

The agency involves administrations in the design of development projects and benefits from privileged access to the pools of public expertise. Associating ministries from the stage of project design helps to ensure that lessons learned from the public policy implemented in various sectors in France are taken into account. These administrations can subsequently provide institutional support in the field via the diplomatic network and mobilise their technical expertise in the context of projects. 

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Expertise France also collaborates with other public institutions and the French diplomatic network. Agence française de développement (AFD) is a key partner for Expertise France. The two French agencies, in their respective roles of project funder for AFD and technical expertise operator for Expertise France, seek to strengthen their synergies in order to provide more effective and ambitious support to France’s development cooperation policy. The integration of Expertise France into AFD Group will embody the ambition of greater and more effective French cooperation.


#TeamEurope: the strength of the European network

The European Union is a major partner for Expertise France. The agency e is particularly mobilised in European regional cooperation programmes, such as EL PAcCTOEUROsociAL+EUROCLIMA+, SOCIEUX+ and Rethinking Plastics. Funded by the EU, these regional programmes encourage the sharing of good practices and the development of tools that can be shared among countries, in order to ensure effective responses to transnational issues.

To implement those cooperation programmes, Expertise France works in close cooperation with other EU Member States cooperation agencies, such as Enabel (Belgium), GIZ (Germany) and FIIAPP (Spain).

Expertise France is also actively involved in various networks of European operators. As a member of the Practitioners’ Network, the agency is mobilised alongside 17 other agencies to promote the effective implementation of European development aid.


Involving the private sector and civil society

According to needs and activities to be implemented, Expertise France can mobilise the private sector, civil society and the research community.

For example, Expertise France signed a partnership agreement with the Groupe Initiatives, a collective of 10 international solidarity NGOs, as well as with Coordination SUD. To mobilise individual expertise or consultancy firms, a charter has been signed with Syntec Ingénierie, a professional federation including France’s 300 main engineering firms. In the case of integrated services, Expertise France represents international donors or partner countries. It can also co-contract with companies for an activity for the provision of goods or services or an expertise activity.