Our partners

Expertise France relies on an extensive network of French and European partners in order to meet the expertise requirements of partner countries. The agency also works with the private sector and civil society organisations.

Enhanced partnerships with French cooperation actors

In addition to the development cooperation activity conducted on behalf of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy and Finance, the agency is an international cooperation operator for a number of ministries: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Civil Service... It is also responsible for the implementation of over 30 European institutional twinning arrangements on behalf of administrations and other public actors.

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is a key partner for Expertise France. The two agencies, in their respective roles of project funder for AFD and technical expertise operator for Expertise France, seek to strengthen their synergies in order to provide more effective and ambitious support to France’s development cooperation policy.

Expertise France actively cooperates with the other public operators, including in the context of the Operators’ Alliance: ADECIA, CFI, CIEP, CIVIPOL Conseil, ENA, FVI, JCI and SFERE. These close ties are in the form of cooperation in the field, exchanges of good practices, and the gradual implementation of pooling arrangements. Partnerships are also developed with the main actors of the French team: AFNOR, BpiFrance, Business France, CIRAD, IRD and with other leading providers of public expertise: OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration), National Authority for Health (HAS), High Council of French Notariat (CSN), IGN France International to mobilise expertise related to land mapping and administration, and Order of Land Surveyors (OGE) on issues concerning land registers and land reform.

Relationship of trust with other European agencies

Expertise France has a close partnership with the main European agencies, particularly Germany’s GIZ and Spain’s FIIAPP.

It also actively participates in the various networks of European operators, such as the Practitioners’ Network or the ESTHER Alliance.



Involving the private sector and civil society

The agency also mobilises private sector expertise. Expertise France partners as much as possible with private actors whenever there are opportunities: responses to bid invitations, delegated management, integrated services... This may involve individual expertise or consultancy firms. For example, a charter has been signed with Syntec Ingénierie, a professional federation including France’s 300 main engineering firms. In the case of integrated services, Expertise France represents international donors or partner countries. It can also co-contract with companies for an activity for the provision of goods or services or an expertise activity.

The agency also mobilises the expertise of NGOs and civil society. In April 2017, Expertise France signed a partnership agreement with the Groupe Initiatives, a collective of 10 international solidarity NGOs.