Expertise France in Lebanon

Expertise France has been working with its Lebanese partners for many years for the country’s economic development and to support public policies. In Lebanon, the agency carries out projects in the fields of democratic, economic and financial governance, stabilisation and sustainable development. The agency provides ongoing support to the authorities, in the context of regional instability and in response to the crisis the country is currently experiencing.

Expertise France operates in the context of the substantial support that the community of development partners provides to Lebanon, especially France and the European Union. To address the country’s instability, the international community has urged the Lebanese authorities to undertake far-reaching and ambitious reforms, in particular in terms of the transparency of the economy, economic and financial sustainability, the fight against corruption and the independence of the judiciary.

The projects carried out by Expertise France in Lebanon aim to assist the Lebanese authorities with the implementation of these reforms. Expertise France is today working in Lebanon for the country’s economic development and to support public policies.

The agency’s activities mainly aim to build the capacities of national and local public administrations, fight against endemic corruption, support private sector development and promote stability and social cohesion in order to reduce tensions related to the consequences of the Syrian crisis.

In the context of its action, Expertise France pays particular attention to joint reflection and the joint construction of projects with its Lebanese partners. Consequently, the agency is increasingly working with the authorities by helping institutions implement and steer the far-reaching public reforms undertaken by Lebanon. This is fully in line with the Franco-Lebanese principles for bilateral cooperation.

France's support to the Port of Beirut after the explosions of August 2020

As part of French aid in response to the explosion which took place on 4 August 2020 in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, France acted very quickly and brought together a team of experts. Their work consists in identifying the needs for reconstruction of the port and in proposing solutions to improve its functioning: governance, customs, digitalisation, security, development, etc. The public agency Expertise France ensures the coordination of the expertise mission.

In the context of this mission, Team France launched a series of policy briefs on the different aspects of the expertise mission.

Discover the second policy brief on governance of the Port :

Policy Brief #1 – Customs : key to economic recovery (FrenchArabic)

Policy Brief #2 - The need to reform governance (FrenchArabic)


Our flagship projects in Lebanon

Act Lebanon: promoting transparency and fighting against corruption

2019-2022 – EUR 2.4m (European Union)

The Act Lebanon project aims to strengthen public accountability, improve transparency by building the capacities of oversight bodies and support the implementation of the Access to Information Law, which was ratified by the Lebanese Parliament in January 2017.

Find out more at Act Lebanon


Shabake: building the capacities of civil society

2019-2022 – EUR 8m (AFD / Danida)

The Shabake project aims to improve the resilience of Lebanese civil society by strengthening its role in crisis prevention and management through capacity building for seven Lebanese NGOs.

Find out more at Shabake


QUDRA 2: strengthening social stability

2019-2022 – EUR 15m (European Union / BMZ)

The QUDRA regional programme was launched in 2016 and aims to strengthen the resilience of refugees and host communities in four countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and northern Iraq. In Lebanon, Expertise France has worked with the Ministry of Social Affairs and four NGOs to implement protection activities for vulnerable populations in social development centres.

A second phase of the QUDRA programme started in September 2019. Expertise France is stepping up its capacity-building activities for the Ministry of Social Affairs in the field of protection in Lebanon.

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