Our teams

The agency has more than 400 employees at headquarters and a staff in the field as project managers and long and short-term consultants from a variety of backgrounds (administration, NGOs, private sector, etc.). They all share the same passion: development cooperation.

At headquarters, most of the teams report to the Operations Department. The teams work closely with the Cross-Functional Activities Department and the Strategy and Partnerships Department.

Teams in the field

Expertise France has project offices in some 50 countries. They are tasked with implementing projects in the field, working closely with our partners.

The agency also has four representation offices in Brussels, Abidjan, Tunis and Hanoi. Their mission is to ensure that the agency’s activities have visibility and support its development strategy through lobbying actions. They provide a decision-making tool through their knowledge of the specific cooperation issues, networks and prospects of each region or donor.

Finally, the agency relies on a number of long-term technical experts from partner administrations and organisations.

Work with us

Committed employees

In addition to the diversity of their expertise and responsibilities, the teams of Expertise France also share the same commitment and are motivated by a strong sense of ethic and a culture that emphasizes results. On a daily basis, we develop, implement and supervise meaningful projects and work to ensure their success in the field.

In 2016, the agency staff developed an ethics charter setting out the core values and principles of their approach. The year was also marked by the implementation of an action plan designed to strengthen the agency's contribution to sustainable development, and a gender strategy.


Gender equality central to projects

Gender equality is a prerequisite for sustainable development. Expertise France has produced an ambitious crosscutting roadmap in line with France’s commitments for equality: make gender a priority, both internally and in each of its projects.

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Expertise France focuses on a concrete and operational approach, as close as possible to the realities in the field and the needs of beneficiaries. The agency’s integrated approach means considering gender equality at each level and stage of a development project. This provides a comprehensive response to gender inequalities by taking an overall and long-term approach to it. Expertise France uses the gender marker of the OECD to assess the level of integration of the gender dimension in the projects it implements. This composite indicator determines the extent to which gender is taken into account in the project objective.

Expertise France’s other priority is to raise the awareness of the agency’s internal employees, build their skills and provide operational tools to facilitate gender mainstreaming into projects. To this end, the agency has set up a programme of generic and thematic training in each area of operation of the agency. Fifteen operational toolkits have been designed with the aim of meeting the needs of project officers.

The development of these spaces for dialogue in the agency contributes to making gender issues a core aspect of Expertise France’s activity.


Expertise France’s Gender Equality Index

Every year, French companies are required to measure pay equality between men and women using a legal methodology and indicators. The company produces an Index, combined with a score out of 100. The higher the score, the lower the gender pay gap. 

In 2020, Expertise France scored 99 out of 100 in the 2019 Index, against 79 out of 100 in 2018. This result reflects a continued commitment to promoting professional equality in the agency and is due to the fact that Expertise France gets the highest score for almost all of the five measurement indicators: 

• Gender pay gap measurement indicator: 39 points out of 40, Expertise France remains at the same level as in 2018;

• Indicator to compare the respective levels of individual pay increases: 20 points out of 20, Expertise France maintains the highest score it had in 2018;

• Indicator to compare the respective rate of promotions: 15 points out of 15, Expertise France also attains the top score;

• Number of employees with a pay rise after their return from maternity leave: 15 points out of 15, Expertise France did not obtain a score in 2018;

• Number of women among the 10 highest salaries: 10 points out of 10, Expertise France only scored 5 in 2018.

This new score of 99 out of 100 for 2019 is well above the minimum score of 75 required by the law. It shows that the agency is exemplary when it comes to equal pay and professional equality and is an encouragement for it to continue its efforts to promote professional equality.

Find out more about the Gender Equality Index (in French)