Our teams

To bring our projects to fruition, Expertise France relies on complementary skills – human capital shared between headquarters and the field, operational and crosscutting functions, collaborators and sector-specific experts, all of which the agency is committed to deploying with increasing effectiveness.

Teams in Paris and in the field

Expertise France has more than 700 employees at headquarters and over 1300 collaborators in the field. In addition to the teams at headquarters in Paris, Expertise France mobilises project teams in countries where it operates. This extensive field presence allows Expertise France to identify more clearly the needs of partner institutions, gain a better understanding of their constraints and build a relationship of trust with them. The agency actively involves them in the implementation of activities, a prerequisite for the success and sustainability of projects.

In addition to the diversity of their expertise and responsibilities, the teams of Expertise France also share the same commitment: to develop, implement and supervise meaningful projects and work to ensure their success in the field.

Mobilising and combining the best know-how

Expertise France mobilises the best know-how for each project, thanks to a pool of experts and partners from France’s civil service and the main public policy actors from the North and South. The aim is to work efficiently and share and exchange development solutions.

As an agency aiming at strengthening public policies, Expertise France often relies on the knowledge and know-how of French public experts, whose expertise is recognised and very much in demand for public policy reforms. For example, at the request of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Expertise France manages long-term technical assistance missions, thus deploying French expertise abroad.

Depending on the needs of projects, the agency may also call on expertise from the private sector, civil society and the research community.

By working with partners with complementary expertise, Expertise France is capable of implementing technical cooperation projects that cover overlapping sectors. This allows the agency to find lasting solutions, adapted to populations’ needs. 

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Professional equality at Expertise France

To work for gender equality, which is a prerequisite for sustainable development and is in line with France’s commitments, Expertise France has made gender a priority in both its projects and internally.


What is the Gender Equality Index?

Every year, French companies with more than 50 employees must measure pay equality between women and men using a legal methodology and indicators. The company develops an Index combined with a score out of 100. The higher the score, the lower the pay gap is. 


In 2021, Expertise France obtained a score of 99 out of 100 in the 2020 Gender Equality Index (the same score as in 2019, while in 2018 its results reached the score of 79 points out of 100). This good result reflects an ongoing commitment to promoting professional equality in the agency. Indeed, as in 2019, Expertise France has scored the maximum number of points for almost all of the five measurement indicators which make up the Index: 

 •  Measurement indicator for the pay gap between women and men: 39 points out of 40;

•  Indicator to compare the respective rates of individual increases: 20 points out of 20, Expertise France keeps the highest score;

•  Indicator to compare the respective rates of promotion: 15 points out of 15, Expertise France also attains the highest score;

•  Number of employees with an increase following their return from maternity leave: 15 points out of 15;

•  Number of women among the 10 highest salaries: 10 points out of 10.

The score reached this year (99 points out of 100) is significantly higher than the 75 points required by law and demonstrates the agency’s exemplarity in terms of equal pay between women and men. This positive result encourages the agency to pursue its efforts for gender equality.


While equal pay is one of the cornerstones, gender equality involves other issues that are just as important, such as combatting sexist behaviour and preventing the impacts of gender stereotypes. Expertise France applies a zero tolerance policy in this respect and has set up a process to report these situations.

The agency also carries out continuous prevention and awareness-raising actions among its employees and organises training sessions for its managers on the fight against sexual harassment and sexist behaviour at work and the prevention of psychosocial risks.