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Implementation of the Green Overseas “GO” Programme Climate Finance Community

  • 06/04/2023
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The 17.8 million euros Green Overseas “GO” Programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by Expertise France (EF), aims to contribute to the sustainable, resilient, and inclusive development of the EU overseas countries and territories and United Kingdom (UK) overseas territories.

One of the main implementation modalities is called the “GO Communities”. One Community consists of several series of activities at the regional and interregional level involving all or groups of beneficiary countries and territories. A total of 3 GO Communities will be implemented:

- the GO Energy Community

- the GO Resilience Community

- the GO Climate Finance Community

The object of this tender is to recruit a contractor in charge of the implementation of the GO Climate Finance Community.

The objectives of the Climate Finance Community are to enable the OCTs to access new financing mechanisms by identifying the mechanisms available to the beneficiary territories, assisting them in taking the steps necessary, and putting them in touch with private investors and financing organizations. Finally, the implementation of climate insurance mechanisms in the OCTs is an important part of the Climate Finance Community.

The tender is available on the French government procurement platform PLACE under the reference "23-AOO-S005".