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Logistic and event management support to the Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU Support

  • 18/08/2022
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The project « Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework – EU Support », financed by the European Union and implemented in 10 partner countries1 by Expertise France aims at informing the negotiations to finalize a new Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) within the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at its 15th Conference of the Parties (CBD COP 15).


To raise awareness for the importance of an ambitious GBF and a concrete and effective transformative actions on the ground to ensure reaching its goals and targets, the project performs knowledge transfer, technical assistance and communication at different levels:

  • Provision of technical assistance in 10 partner countries[1];
  • Organization of events, workshops and dialogues in 10 partner countries and globally at international forums.


The project will provide travel, accommodation and subsistence arrangements to a wide variety of target representatives from the following groups (among others):

  • National governments and its institutions relevant for the implementation of biodiversity policy;
  • UN and other international organizations, including regional organizations within and outside the strict biodiversity arena;
  • Representatives of Subnational and Local Governments (SNLGs) and stakeholders involved at these levels of governance;
  • Global and national NGOs and civil society, including Youth, Women, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs), faith organizations, philanthropy, etc.;
  • The private and finance sector, including development banks and business organizations in various sectors;
  • Science and scientific organizations and panels.


The project needs to outsource the provision of economically and logistically advantageous options for travel, accommodation; subsistence and technical and site logistics. A mechanism for a prompt and effective validation of options, management of activities, trouble shooting on site (including power of signature and payment of the service provider’s local staff on site), as well as contract management, monitoring, reporting and financial management will be needed.

Under the Framework Contract, event organizer will be responsible for the successful management of all the logistics and non-biodiversity related aspects of these events and technical missions.


Overview of the framework contract


  • 4 regional lots:

- Americas,

- Africa,

- Asia.

- Europe and international

  • Number of events expected: minimum 36
  • Maximum amount available for activities related to this framework contract (all Lots): 1 000 000 €
  • Provisional term of the contract: 12 months.

[1] Brasil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Moroco, Peru, South Africa, Uganda.