Expertise France en République démocratique du Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Expertise France is supporting the Congolese authorities with the aim of building the capacities of financial administrations at national level and in the city of Kinshasa.

The agency, via the Debt Reduction-Development Contract (C2D) between France and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is assisting the Government in building capacities to collect public revenues, improving the budget process, and establishing a sustainable and effective administration.

Expertise France is implementing technical assistance for the city of Kinshasa and providing training for the employees of three public urban services: Kinshasa General Directorate of Taxes, Financial and Tax Unit and Provincial Tax Office.

Given the huge challenge of improving and restructuring human development services, Expertise France is supporting the implementation of the APEP 2 Primary Education Support Project in the provinces of Kinshasa, Bandundu and Bas-Congo. The agency, in partnership with CIEP, is contributing to the implementation of tools to facilitate the procurement process for the construction and refurbishment of classrooms, in-service training for some 15,000 teachers, as well as to the regular payment of teaching staff throughout the country.

Expertise France, in conjunction with Civipol, is also assisting Congolese civil and military authorities in the implementation of the security reform process (PROGRESS project) for administration and management. The aim is to strengthen the governance of the rule of law, fight against impunity, and promote just and lasting peace in DRC.

Furthermore, the agency is active in the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis via the 5% Initiative.