The International Cooperation Conference 2: sharing our know-how towards a world in common

For the second time, on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Expertise France is bringing together the international technical cooperation community for a major online event, the International Cooperation Conference: a live broadcast (4pm to 7 pm CET) to debate the renewal of international cooperation and build a sustainable world by sharing our know-how. The event, bilingual French/English, will be broadcast live and thus accessible to everyone, in France and abroad.

Sharing our know-how towards a common world.

As the renewal of France's development aid policy continues in a context of instability and climate transition, Expertise France brings together the international technical cooperation community around a major event broadcast live, to give voice to public policy and general interest practitioners, observers, aid actors, beneficiaries and partners in the field around the world.

At the heart of several key international milestones such as COPs on climate and biodiversity, as well as the General Assemblies of the World Bank, the International Cooperation Conference 2022 aims at bringing to the attention of decision-makers and the public the concrete realities faced by practitioners of cooperation and public policies in the implementation of a fair and democratic ecological transition.


A debate around two themes

On stage, in Paris, Expertise France would liketo have high-level speakers from various backgrounds (international organizations, aid and cooperation actors, public and private sector, civil society and field partners…) share their experiences and perspectives in two thematic round tables entitled:

• Democracy and State resilience: How can we meet the challenge of democratic governance

• Planet, development and human rights : how to support fair transition.

One again organized under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, the event will take place in front of an audience of about fifty decision-makers and representatives of cooperation movements, but also in duplex from several countries.

The International Cooperation Conference will be coupled with a photo exhibition, highlighting technical cooperation and showing its specificities through photographs from the areas of intervention of Expertise France.

Review of the first edition !

Five years after its creation, Expertise France organized the first International Cooperation Conference in February 2021. While marking the renewal of international cooperation, this event brought together development actors around debates to find together effective and sustainable solutions to build a world in common. Broadcast live from Paris, this first edition was based on two themes: "Covid-19, biodiversity, inequalities... which priorities and know-how to face tomorrow's challenges" and "Which innovations for the efficiency of development cooperation?". The event was a real success, bringing together nearly 15,000 spectators from 75 different countries.


To watch the replay of the conference, please visit our dedicated website.

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