Expertise France au Niger

Expertise France has been operating in Niger since 2006 – the agency is implementing about a dozen projects with a current volume of activity of over EUR 4m. It operates with financing from France and the World Bank. Expertise France’s activities aim to build the capacities of Niger’s public administrations, civil society and private sector.

Expertise France develops its operations in Niger in the context of the objectives set by the Government of Niger (Plan for Economic and Social Development 2012-2015), and in line with the external action of French and European cooperation in the Sahel region.

In response to the priorities set by the Government of Niger’s Sectoral Programme for Education and Training (PSEF) for 2014-2024, Expertise France is supporting the education system reform (PAEQ project), in the context of a project financed by the Global Partnership for Education and Agence Française de Développement. The agency mobilises public expertise, in conjunction with CIEP and IIPE-UNESCO, with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning, and access to and retention in basic education for students.

In the field of economic and financial governance, Expertise France contributes to building the capacities of Niger’s public sector for service provision. It mobilises technical assistance for the Ministry of Economy and Finance and supported Niger’s Court of Auditors between 2015 and 2016.

In response to the health and nutrition needs of Niger’s population, Expertise France mobilises public expertise in order to support the health and hygiene systems, under both North-South hospital partnerships and the 5% Initiative.

Expertise France deploys about a dozen long-term experts in Niger, in the sectors of health, education and democratic, economic and financial governance.