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SLEIDSE – Support Programme for the economic integration and diversification of Libya’s private sector
Promoting entrepreneurship and SME development in Libya



SLEIDSE aims to promote and develop entrepreneurship in Libya. It specifically disseminates a culture of entrepreneurship, assists business support structures, and improves access to financing for entrepreneurs.
  • € 8.625M
  • 01/09/2016
  • 48 months

Over 7 years after the revolution, Libya continues to face major challenges: political instability and insecurity as well as the structural weakness of the State and economic difficulties which also affect the country’s development. To promote the recovery, since 2016, SLEIDSE has been working to support the development of dynamic SMEs and start-ups able to create employment.


Promoting entrepreneurship in Libya

SLEIDSE has developed close partnerships with all the economic actors in Libya: chambers of commerce, universities. Large companies and entrepreneurs have also mobilised to promote entrepreneurship.

In practice, this project has set up business plan competitions, bootcamps and an online business school to give Libyans, first and foremost women and young people, the opportunity of turning their dreams into very real companies.

SLEIDSE now leads the country’s large online community with over 113,000 active members.


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Improving business support


SLEIDSE builds the capacities of organisations that support entrepreneurs: chambers of commerce and university incubators have improved their capacity to offer quality services to entrepreneurs throughout the country.

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Facilitating access to financing for companies

Access to financing for SMEs remains a crucial issue for business development. SLEIDSE has reactivated the Libyan Guarantee Fund, mobilised the banking sector, and initiated the development of the microfinance sector.

Results that meet the challenges

All the partners have commended the excellent work carried out by Expertise France’s teams in implementing actions in a difficult and changing field. Its activities are considered to be both consistent with the issues and effective in terms of results.



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