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Team Leader in preparing CBD COP 15 process (Beijing, China, 2020)

  • 06/08/2018
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Expertise France, the French technical cooperation agency, is about to work with European Union for preparing CoP 15, held in China, and post-2020-process under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

The project aims at contributing to the development of an effective European Union environment diplomacy in the field of biodiversity at global level by framing the Convention for Biological Diversity process. Specifically, the projects seeks to,

  • Enable, at multilateral level, advances in the Convention on Biological Diversity context, towards the adoption at CBD COP15 of an ambitious follow-up to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity that includes measurable (SMART) targets, measurable national commitments and tools for strengthening implementation such as a mechanism to review national implementation and the adequacy of commitments and targets;
  • Enhance the EU bilateral cooperation on environmental challenges and increase knowledge in selected key partner countries, in particular China, with a view to build support for addressing key priorities when implementing the new global framework and influencing their approach towards the adoption of strong general and specific, measurable commitments;
  • Influence processes at multilateral and bilateral levels to anchor commitments and create/maintain momentum for further commitments in view of post CBD COP 15 and further

The results expected are as follows:

  • R1: Improved understanding and support among partner countries and EU for an ambitious follow-up to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity
  • R2: Support among strategic partner countries for an ambitious follow-up to the Strategic Plan and for a mechanism to review implementation, in particular as regards voluntary national commitments;
  • R3: Awareness raising targeted at the Public and the specific stakeholders in view of gaining support to measurable targets.

Expertise France is looking for a Project Team Leader who will for the development and the implementation of the programme activities and for the efficient use of project funds. The TL will be responsible for the management of the team of experts, subcontractors, and for overall quality, coordination, achievement of the activities and outputs, as well as reporting.

Under the supervision of the Project Steering Committee and in constant liaison with the programme manager based in Paris, he/she will be responsible for the overall management of the project.

The file related to this call for tender is available below.