Legal Notices


1. Publication

The website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and the recruitment and management Tool for the pool of experts (hereinafter referred to as the Tool) are published by:

Expertise France,

The French International Technical Expertise Agency

A public industrial and commercial institution

40, boulevard de Port-Royal – 75005 Paris

RCS PARIS 808 734 792

Intracommunity VAT N° FR36 808734792

The Publication Director of the Website and Tool, Mr. Jérémie PELLET, Chief Executive Officer of Expertise France, can be contacted by e-mail at the following address:

The editorial content of the Website is decided and updated by Expertise France’s Communication Unit.

The content of the Tool is decided and updated by the divisions of Expertise France’s Operations Department and Human Resources Department.

2. Hosting

The Website is hosted by:

Head Office: 20 rue des Jardins
92600 Asnières-sur-Seine
Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 40 11 00

The Tool is hosted by:

Cytadel – Groupe Jetpulp
12, avenue Tony Garnier
69007 Lyon

3. Maintenance and updates

The maintenance and technical updates of the various parts of the Website and Tool are performed by the Information Systems Department together with the various service providers that Expertise France uses for this purpose.

4. Photo credits

The photos posted on the Website and Tool are protected by photo credits indicated for each one.

The credits for the pictograms posted on the Website and recruitment Tool belong to Freepik (via Flaticon) and Expertise France.

General Conditions of Use


1. Purpose

The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the use:

• of the Expertise France Website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) accessible on Internet at the address

• of the recruitment and management Tool for the pool of experts (hereinafter referred to as the Tool) accessible on Internet at the address

Any natural or legal person that logs onto the Website and/or the Tool is considered as a user of them (hereinafter referred to as Users).

By accessing the Website and the Tool, Users acknowledge that they have read and accept all the present General Conditions of Use.

As editor of the Website and the Tool, Expertise France reserves the right to modify the content of the present General Conditions of Use at any time, without prior notice or notification. Consequently, Users are recommended to regularly consult these General Conditions of Use.

2. Content

The Website provides an institutional presentation of Expertise France as an international cooperation operator. In this respect, it contains the following elements (hereinafter referred to as the Elements):

• Information about the projects implemented by Expertise France, its thematic areas of activity and its geographical areas of operation;

• Expertise France’s News: events, publications, feedback on Twitter, etc.

• Access to the newsletter and a box to register on the mailing list of recipients.

The Tool makes it possible:

• to consult and reply to job offers, calls for applications from experts to carry out missions and bid invitations for procurement and service contracts;

• for all Users to create a candidate profile to reply to these job offers, calls for applications and bid invitations from Expertise France.

The Website and Tool are available in French and English.

3. Functionalities



3.1 Functionalities of the Website

The presentation Elements of Expertise France contained on the Website are presented by themes. Each theme has a drop-down menu that can be accessed from the Website homepage by several means (specific banners, hypertext links, individual tabs, etc.).

The “Our agency” theme presents Expertise France as a structure, the activity of international cooperation, the profiles of employees with access by a hypertext link to delegations of signature and the content of their activity.

The “Our thematics” theme presents the core activity of each division of Expertise France’s Operations Department.

The “Our projects in the world” theme presents the purpose of the various international cooperation projects implemented by Expertise France.

The “News” theme presents the achievements and other recent projects implemented by Expertise France.

The “Work with us” theme presents the calls for applications for expert missions under service provision contracts, paid employment opportunities, and bid invitations for the procurement and grants related to the projects implemented by Expertise France.

The content of the Website may be shared by Users on social networks via their personal account. The content that may be shared can be identified by the logo of the relevant social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) on certain pages of the Website.

A contact form and registration form for Expertise France’s newsletter are available to Users of the Website.


3.2 Functionalities of the Tool

From the Tool homepage, Users can create a candidate space, and consult and reply to the job offers, bid invitations and calls for applications proposed by Expertise France.

Creation of a candidate space:

Users wishing to create a candidate space must fill in the form provided in the Tool giving the information requested in the form. In terms of functionalities, they can view, import and export their CV in various formats and use its content to fill in the information model concerning them.

Consultation of job offers, bid invitations and calls for applications:

All Users can make this consultation from the search engine on the homepage of the Tool. It is also possible to consult the adverts by theme on the search engine.  

It is not necessary to create a candidate space if you simply wish to consult the adverts.

Replying to job offers, bid invitations and calls for applications:

Users must have a candidate space to apply. Applications may be made in response to an advert posted on the Tool or spontaneously for positions at Expertise France’s headquarters in Paris. To submit their application, Users must import the requested documents.

On the homepage of their space, Users can see all the applications they have submitted, their related statistics, their current status and general information.

4. Responsibility


Users of the Website and Tool remain personally responsible for the use they make of them and throughout the period during which their consultation lasts.

As editor of the Website and Tool, Expertise France undertakes to make every effort to ensure that Users have high-quality access to them and that they function properly.

However, Expertise France shall not be held liable for:

• Any difficulties in accessing and using the Website and the Tool, regardless of their nature or origin and in particular when they are related to the state and features of the hardware used by Users.

• Any damage suffered by Users resulting from their use of the Website and Tool or the information and functionalities proposed by them, the hypertext links on them and the links to sites related to their purpose.

Users are informed that applications submitted on the Tools are subject to an analysis and administrative processing by the Expertise France departments to which they are addressed.

Consequently, Users accept that their applications:

• for job offers are processed by Expertise France’s Human Resources Department, which will check that their profile matches the proposed position following their internal procedures.

• for bid invitations and calls for applications are processed in accordance with and pursuant to French regulations for public procurement that Expertise France is required to comply with given its status of public industrial and commercial institution.

In both cases, Expertise France ensures that the processing of applications complies with the European Data Protection Regulation (see Personal Data Management Policy).

5. Cookies

The Use of the Website requires the use of cookies.

Cookies refer to tracers that provide access to the information of Users already stored in the equipment they use as an electronic communications terminal and to record information on it.

The Website’s cookies are used to improve the functioning of the Website and to establish traffic statistics. They do not allow personal data to be collected.

These tracers cannot technically be disabled from the Website. However, Users of the Website can object to the use of these tracers, only by changing the settings of their browser, activating the private browsing mode or restricting or banning cookies.

6. Intellectual property

All the Elements contained on the Website and Tool, i.e. the visual, graphic, creative, or other elements, benefit from the protection of the Intellectual Property Code. Without any express prior approval by Expertise France, any total or partial reproduction of the Website or one of its Elements, as mentioned above, constitutes an infringement under the Intellectual Property Code and may be sanctioned as such on this basis where appropriate.

7. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Any questions or disputes arising from the interpretation, application or implementation of the present conditions are governed by French law. If an amicable settlement is not reached within one month of their occurrence, disputes will be brought before the competent French courts by virtue of their subject.