Sustainable Development

Latest update : 11/01/2015

In close collaboration with the French Ministry of Sustainable Development (MEDDE), Expertise France provides its partner countries with a high-level expertise in its areas of expertise: climate policies, rural development, sustainable urban development, environmental policies, energy and transportation policies, and support to the creation of public-private partnerships.

Climate change adaptation and rural development

Through its wide network of public and private experts, Expertise France assists administrations and local authorities in integrating costs and opportunities of climate change in their strategy and action plans. Expertise France also supports regional organisations and national institutions, especially on a central level, to define and implement strategies and rural policies associated with food security issues.

Développement durable en Afrique du Sud
Caption : Développement durable en Afrique du Sud
Développement durable en Afrique du Sud - Credit : T. Giordano

For example, Expertise France implements the following projects:

Environmental policies

Expertise France supports partner countries in the implementation of their environmental policies, in the areas of governance, flood risk management, protected areas, and water quality in particular.

Expertise France implements the following projects: 

  • environmental governance support in Gabès project (Tunisia) - €4.2 million: civil society capacity building and implementation of a social dialogue framework, and support to the development of local development actions through the direct award of grants;  
  • support to the Volta Basin Authority and the Niger Basin Authority (capacity building, support to development and implementation of an inter-country strategy related to integrated water resources management) - €1 million cumulated, AFD funding.

Sustainable urban development

The urban development area is at the crossroad of various sectors, and Expertise France relies on its public and private actors network, and on decentralised cooperation through French local authorities, to build the capacities of the local contracting authorities.

Animation of the PFVT (French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development), platform of the French actors of urban cooperation: production of French strategic orientations, exchanges, consultation and coordination of French delegations - €400,000, MAEDI funding.

French guidelines on the revitalization of historic neighbourhoods for sustainable cities

Energy policies

In the area of energy, Expertise France supports its partners in the development and the implementation of national energy policies, supports the improvement of the regulatory framework, the creation of decision-making tools with a view to have better planning of energy efficiency and renewable energies investments.

For example, the agency executes the following projects:

  • support to energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in West Africa (Senegal, Togo, Burkina Faso, and the Ivory Coast) - €4 million, AFD funded;
  • support to West African countries in the framework of the "Sustainable Energy for All" (SE4All) initiative - €22 million, EU funding.

Transportation and infrastructure policies

Zagreb, Croatie

Expertise France offers technical assistance in the transportation and infrastructure area, in partnership with public or private institutions, on issues of regulation, strategy and planning, capacity building, and administrative organisation of authorities in charge of transportation, especially within the framework of the European transportation policy.

Expertise France especially manages an institutional and administrative capacity building project from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Turkey, in partnership with the French DGAC - €2,250,000, with European funding.

Support to the implementation of public-private partnerships

Expertise France supports the development of infrastructure or services in public-private partnerships (PPP), in terms of strategy, planning, capacity building and training, support to the development of appropriate PPP projects execution procedures and legal frameworks, risk-spreading between actors, financial analysis, development of an appropriate funding and contracting procedure, as well of long-term project control.

In terms of PPP, for example, Expertise France manages the French-World Bank PPP promotion Initiative in the franc zone countries - €2 million with French funding: the aim of the Initiative is to foster the commitment to a structural reform likely to lead to the emergence and execution of a projects flow managed in PPP.



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