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Latest update : 11/01/2015

Working closely with the Directorates of the Economy and Finance Ministries, Expertise France developed high-level expertise in the public finances area.

Budgetary and accounting reforms

Réunion des ministres de la zone franc - octobre 2014
Caption : Réunion des ministres de la zone franc - octobre 2014
Réunion des ministres de la zone franc - octobre 2014 - Credit : MINEFI/SG : PhRicard

The agency assists partner countries in the implementation of budgetary and accounting reforms, especially with the support of the Budget Directorate and the Public Finances Directorate General (DGFiP). Interventions relate to the implementation of new budgetary frameworks, multiannual programming, performance-based management, management of budgetary and accounting nomenclature, implementation of the accrual basis of accounting, and of budgetary and accounting refunds.

Budgetary and financial information systems

Expertise France intervenes in support of upgrading financial information systems, for public management transparency and efficiency.

CEMAC entrusted the agency with a study on financial and budgetary information systems in the 15 countries of the area, within the framework of the meeting of Finance Ministers of the franc zone.

Mobilisation of domestic resources and fight against illegal financial flows

The agency supports numerous countries, providing them with solutions to consolidate their tax systems and build capacities of the various administrations in charge of management, monitoring, and public revenue collection. The agency especially intervenes in the area of legislation and tax control to monitor practices of tax avoidance, fraud, and money laundering, facilitated by the opacity of the international financial system.

Property taxation, land register and land policy of the state

Expertise France assists partner countries with the reform of the land register and security of land tenure by supporting the upgrading of land information systems.

For the last 2 years, the agency has taken part in diagnosis missions for which it mobilises the DGFiP public expertise in close collaboration with land actors such as land surveyors (IGN FI), notaries (CSN) and experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI). Task groups were hence organised to support major land reforms initiated by various countries such as Senegal, Congo and, more recently, Mali.

Audit and internal control

Expertise France supports partner administrations in the upgrade of their audit and internal control mechanisms, in order to improve management transparency and quality through a better management of accounting, financial, or operational risks. This led to two projects in Cameroon and Haiti, funded by the World Bank.

External control and assessment of public policies

Institut des finances palestinien
Caption : Institut des finances palestinien
Institut des finances palestinien

To improve public management transparency and accountability towards citizens and their elected representatives, the agency participates in the reinforcement of Audit Authorities in developing countries, or countries in democratic transition. This led to the implementation of a major project in Guinea Conakry, funded by the EU.

Continuing education of executives is at the heart of Expertise France's missions. The agency established Finance Institutes in 5 countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Côte d’Ivoire and Serbia) to build the capacity of civil servants and allow them to become actors in the modernisation of the State.

Public procurements

Thanks to the French experience in terms of public procurements, the agency provides high-level expertise in areas such as legal standard development, modernisation of the procurement function in state departments, as well as market dematerialisation. Expertise France hosts the visits of numerous delegations from WAEMU, CEMAC, South-East Europe countries, and countries of the MENA zone on these topics.

During the French President François Hollande’s state visit to Abidjan in July 2014, two agreements were signed with the Autorité nationale de régulation des marchés publics (ANRMP), and the Directorate of Public Procurement of the Ministry of Budget in charge of the ex-ante market monitoring. This was conducted in the area of public procurement, funded by Côte d’Ivoire in the framework of the Debt Reduction and Development Contract (C2D).



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