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Expertise France's Health Department covers a wide field of expertise corresponding to the intervention sectors of the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Women’s Rights, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, and their national agencies in the health field.

Santé, Vietnam
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With a team of experienced health project managers, and a team skilled in in-house polyvalent expertise, the Health Department relies on a wide network of experts, especially produced by its university, hospital and community networks, public health or health research partner institutions, as well as its private partnerships.

The experience and the network of the Department allow it to rapidly identify the necessary capacities for expertise requests from partner countries, and ensure a service offering adapted to their needs and expectations.

It especially relies on the capacities and the experience of ESTHER and FEI, both stakeholders in the establishment of Expertise France and agencies referenced with numerous donors. The department mobilises the French health expertise within the framework of technical expertise projects on development and capacity building of health systems. The department regularly intervenes in partnerships, especially with NGOs and research institutes, through modalities adapted to each project: expertise mobilisation, procurement, grant management...

Nowadays, interventions of the Health Department are mainly focusing on:

  • pandemics, especially HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and viral hepatitis;
  • sexual and reproductive health, maternal, neonatal and infant health;
  • hospital hygiene and health care safety, especially in the area of the Ebola virus outbreak.

In the framework of the post-2015 development agenda, it aims at widening its expertise field to every priority areas at the global level, in particular universal health coverage, chronic noncommunicable diseases, addictions and mental health. 

Beyond all these specific thematic areas, the Department also contributes its expertise and support to the reinforcement of health systems in their totality (health care offering, health human resources, health information, vaccinations and technology products, funding, leadership and governance), as well as to the definition of national health policies. The support to health structures and institutions through health human resources capacity building, including community resources, is a key operating mode. Specific focus is made on access to health care of the most vulnerable groups.

Focus on 5% Initiative for Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Unit

Consultation au Mali
Caption : Consultation au Mali
Consultation au Mali

Since 2011, the 5% Initiative, second contribution modality of France to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, assists French-speaking countries in the design, the implementation, and the monitoring and evaluation of programmes funded by the Global Fund. Within 3 years, the initiative mobilised over 160 expertise missions in over 30 countries, to respond to urgent needs or to build capacities of national actors. In parallel, the Initiative funds over 40 projects for NGOs, public organisations or research institutes.

These projects, which complement the grants from the Global Fund, cover a wide field of intervention, which ranges from the reinforcement of health systems (in particular the management of supplies and inventories), to the support of civil society, through operational research.

Focus on ESTHER Initiative

The Network for Therapeutic Solidarity in Hospitals (ESTHER), funded by hospital partnerships and a transfer of competency for a global care of people living with HIV, was launched in 2001. It intervenes through hospital twinnings mobilising health professionals to improve quality of care practices within the framework of a companionship system: doctors, chemists, nurses, psychologists, laboratory technicians, administrators, etc. All hospital professionals, but also other French institutional partners, are involved in a long-term technical assistance with the health system of partner countries.

In 12 years, the ESTHER initiative rolled out programs in 19 partner countries: 55 French hospitals were twinned with over 200 reference hospitals and decentralised health care centres; civil society, through associations of fight against Aids, was reinforced and contributes to continuity and quality of care, especially through the intervention of community workers; and €86 million were invested to improve health care access in the South countries.



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