Governance and Human Rights

Latest update : 11/01/2015

The Governance and Human Rights Department works in the areas of the rule of law, state reform and decentralisation, as well as migrations. At the heart of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development's strategies and actions, the Department’s actions are organised around three Units.

Transparence des médias en RDC
Caption : Transparence des médias en RDC
Transparence des médias en RDC

State Reform and Decentralisation

The State Reform and Decentralisation Unit covers the public action modernisation and human resources capacity building sectors. Actions conducted mainly contribute to: (i) the reinforcement of administrations around their strategic functions (steering of public policies and coordination of government work), (ii) support to the civil service status reshaping process and development of human resources management tools, and (iii) the definition and the implementation of national training strategies, as well as the implementation of decentralisation and de-concentration process (iv).

  • The Unit is associated with the French Embassy in Kabul to respond to the state’s will of reform and development, formalised in the "Afghanistan National Development Strategy" that identifies the improvement of administration capacities as one of the main challenges to be tackled. The implemented project especially targets the development of an independent training capacity, attached to the Secretariat General of the Presidency.


The Migrations Unit acts within the framework of a strong thematic strategy of the 2014-2020 European programming. In association with various ministerial services, the Unit –whose action is at the heart of crosscutting topics such as the fight against human trafficking– implements projects in relation to French strategic orientations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development). This contributes to capacity building for Southern partner countries, to integrate mobility and migration in their development strategies, to mobilise and support the solidarity potential of migrants, and contribute to international dialogues and knowledge production in terms of mobility, migration, and development.

  • The SHARAKA project is one of the key initiatives of the Partnership for mobility signed between the EU, the Kingdom of Morocco, and 9 European member states, including France. Co-funded by the EU, France and the Netherlands, the project (with a three-year duration, and with a budget of €5,271,000), provides a targeted support to the Moroccan government on issues of governance of professional migration of Moroccans towards Europe.

Rule of law

The Rule of law and Democratic Process Unit works in the areas of justice promotion, human rights, and democratic pluralism in all its aspects. The Unit supports civil society organisations as well as pluralism and media independence, which are key components of any democracy. Finally, the Unit –in close partnership with the French National Assembly and the French Senate–, is very active in terms of support to parliamentary institutions, key in the affirmation of the rule of law.

  • The LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons) International Fund, a multi-donor fund, finances organisations working to promote fundamental rights of people victims of discrimination due to their sexual orientation or their gender identity.

With a team of experienced project managers, the Governance and Human Rights Department relies on a network and an experience allowing it to offer an expertise adapted to organisations and institutions to the service of which it operates.



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