European twinning projects

Latest update : 09/02/2015

The Twinning projects Unit of Expertise France supports French public and parapublic entities in their response to European institutional twinnings[1] and in ensuring project management.

Accompagnement de la Serbie dans la mise en oeuvre du marché du carbone européen
Credit : MEDDE

European institutional twinnings projects last from 12 to 24 month. A EU member State, acting independently or in partnership, supports a counterpart administration of the pre-accession to EU zone (Balkans, Turkey), or of the neighborhood of Europe (South and East) in the implementation of reforms in areas such as public finance, statistics, transportation, etc.

Supporting the response to call for tenders: methodological tool and advisory services

The Twinning projects Unit developed a support capacity for the response provided to partner entities. The Unit provides them with a summary of European Union regulations in this area, aimed at improving the fast adoption of the format imposed, and requirements in terms of response to twinning projects.

Expertise France also takes part in the search for short or long term experts and to the drafting of their CV in the required format.

The Twinning projects Unit can also guide the search for European member State partners, from projects history by activity or country, as well as information on the beneficiaries.

Upon request, the Unit proceeds to quality control, by re-reading final offers written by administrations in order to ensure these comply with European requirements, and therefore increase their chances of success.

Expertise France also implements trainings for interministerial purpose to improve the presentation of offers and experts capacities.

In certain cases, the agency can directly ensure the construction and the porting of offers (cross-disciplinary offers or partnership agreements).

The management offer: a strong experience in the service of partners 

To this day, Expertise France managed 200 European institutional twinnings. The know-how of the agency allows the most experienced entities to focus on cooperation activities and expert coaching, while the Twinning projects Unit deals with administrative, financial, logistics, and accounting aspects. This management regulation expertise allows the less experienced, or seldom involved entities, to participate in this type of international technical cooperation action.

The management service offered to partner organisations can be adapted to specific needs. With this renowned experience in the twinning area, Expertise France developed a true management service offering for external organisations.

[1] Twinnings is a targeted administrative cooperation mechanism aiming at assisting countries provisionally as candidates to accession to reinforce their administrative and legal capacities needed to implement the Union's legislation as future member states.

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