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Latest update : 11/01/2015

Expertise France supports countries in their economic development thanks to a high-level expertise, working closely with Insee, the Directorates of the Economy and Finance Ministries, and AFNOR in particular. The Economic Development Department of Expertise France is composed of three complementary units: Reinforcement of statistics and Economic Policies; Digital Economy; and Support to SMEs, Regulation, Financial Markets and Foreign Trade.

Reinforcement of statistics and economic policies

Working closely with Insee, Expertise France aims at reinforcing national institutes and statistical systems through the improvement of institutional capacities for the collection, production, and analysis of quality data that meet European and international standards, and their dissemination to users.

Expertise France also assists in the establishment of economic policies: forecasting, framing and planning methods.

Consumer Classroom
Credit : Commission européenne

Southeast Asia - The EU-ASEAN COMPASS project for statistical capacity building and regional integration process monitoring, aims at facilitating the development of ASEAN's community statistical system and the improvement of statistics in the 4 key areas for ASEAN's regional integration: international exchange of goods and services, direct investments overseas, institutional reinforcement, and information technologies (2014-2018, €6 million). 

Digital economy

Expertise France meets the needs of countries in terms of development of digital services through support to the establishment of a legal and programmatic framework for digital economy (regulation of telecommunications, digital transition, and cybersecurity), through involvement in the development of the economic fabric (assistance in the implementation of IT sectors and enterprises, establishment of business parks, and development of enterprises through e-business), and through the dematerialisation of financial services (secured online payments) and the development of the uses of the Internet: training to digital and through digital media, digital inclusion, etc.

European Union - Consumer Classroom I and II

Development of a collaborative website for the promotion of consumer education in Europe. The Consumer Classroom website, dedicated to secondary school teachers in Europe, is available in 23 official languages (2011-2014, €3.7 million).

Support to SMEs, regulation, financial markets and foreign trade 

Quality infrastructure

Working closely with AFNOR, Expertise France supports the public and private actors in the reinforcement of the quality infrastructure in order to build capacities of all organisations involved in quality and security, and to facilitate the harmonization of legal and regulatory texts in line with European standards.

Development of quality infrastructure system and metrology for Montenegro: the aim of this project is to facilitate trade and free movement of goods in compliance with the Community acquis and WTO rules, and build capacities of the Quality Infrastructure Directorate and of the Bureau of Metrology (2013-2015, €600,000).

Competition regulation and consumer protection

The agency intervenes to assist with the regulation of general and sectoral competition, in partnership with independent authorities, and to reinforce consumer protection.

"Reinforcement of the consumer protection framework in Egypt and the improvement of Consumer Protection Agency capacities” twinning project. In partnership with Germany and Spain, this twinning project aims at improving the legal and regulatory framework, and at strengthening the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency’s capacities.

Foreign trade and exchange facilitation

Alliance franco-tunisienne pour le numérique
Caption : Premières rencontres de l’Alliance franco-tunisienne pour le numérique
Premières rencontres de l’Alliance franco-tunisienne pour le numérique - Credit : DHSimon, Minefe

Expertise France is involved in technical assistance projects in the area of financial services, especially in Turkey, with AMF, France’s financial regulation Authority, for the transposition of financial guidelines into Turkish legislation. As regards foreign trade, Expertise France is a partner of the EU-MUTRAP project, which aims at strengthening trade between Vietnam and the EU.

Private sector development

Expertise France supports the development and the implementation of private sector fostering policies and promotes strengthening institutional capacity. The agency also provides direct support to the private sector: support to the establishment and reinforcement of competitiveness clusters, trainings, and support to national and regional professional associations.

Libya – Support to Libya to foster its economic integration and the creation of sustainable and diverse employment opportunities (2014-2018, €8 million).



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