Latest update : 06/05/2013

Particular care was taken to make the website accessible to ADETEF more, regardless of hardware configuration or disability.

Display Size

You can change the display of the site content size with your browser:

  • With various browsers: Ctrl + mouse wheel. Ctrl + 0 to return to the default size.
  • Internet Explorer: go to Tools> Zoom and select the zoom to, or edit it directly in the bottom of the window.
  • Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape: Ctrl + + to increase and Ctrl + - to decrease.
  • Opera: press the + or - keys on the numeric keypad. Or go to View> Zoom and select the appropriate zoom.
  • Macintosh: Apple + + to increase, Apple + - to reduce.


All pages are printable in an adapted version of the paper: the text is more airy and various unnecessary reading (mainly purely navigation menus and graphics) elements have been removed.

To print a paper version of a page, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Click on the top right of the content;
  • File> Print in your browser;
  • CTRL + P.

Navigation and Links

  • The site map is accessible from a link at the bottom of each page.
  • The search engine is accessible from every page.
  • The links to the main sections of the site are found on every page.

Skip links

These links have the particularity to lead the visitor directly to a page element, without going through the reading of additional elements. On the ADETEF portal, these links do not appear directly in the interface of the site. They are hidden and present on every page.

  • The link "Content" avoids reading the main menu of the site, search engine and breadcrumb. It leads directly to the data page.
  • The link "Go to the main menu" redirects to the main menu of the site.
  • The link "Go to secondary menu and footer" redirects to the sub menu, and allows you to go directly to the bottom of the page.

Open links in a new window / tab

External sites ADETEF site automatically open in a new window. They are distinguished by the icon.

To open an internal link ADETEF site in a new window (or tab), you must:

  • the mouse to click with the dial on the link;
  • Ctrl + left click;
  • Right click on the link and choose the appropriate option "Open in New Window."

Help to read the attached documents
You will find the site of downloadable PDF, Word documents, and Zip. Each of these documents are marked with the icon-specific file format and the file size.


  • The weight of the images has been optimized so that the loading time of the pages is the smallest possible.
  • All tables on our website are available to persons sailing with a voice browser.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations have been informed whenever necessary. Each acronym / abbreviation is underlined and its meaning is displayed in mouseover.
  • Alternate text (alternative text) are provided on the images and graphics when they are needed.
  • The weight and the name of the files available for download have been optimized. A description of the contents of the files often accompanies the download link.

We attach great importance to improve the accessibility of our content so that the information is accessible to all in the same way. However, if some contents have escaped our notice, thank you to let us know. We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.

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