Warning and response to epidemics: launch of the PREPARE Project in Guinea


The PREPARE Project, implemented by Expertise France and funded by the European Union (€4.8 million) and France (€1 million), was officially launched in Boké, Guinea, on the 25th of June.

Inauguration du projet PREPARE_25 juin 2015
Credit : Cellou Binani

The Project aims at establishing a regional team of warning and response to epidemics (ERARE), charged with early detection and rapid treatment of infectious diseases, before these reach an epidemic level, in each of the 8 administrative regions of Guinea, including Conakry.

France and the EU, which funded and supported the establishment of these teams, were represented in Boké by Dr Sakoba KEITA, National Coordinator for the fight against Ebola, Bertrand COHERY (French Ambassador to Guinea), Professor DELFRAISSY (Inter-ministerial Coordinator for the fight against the epidemics), Christine FAGES (Ambassador in charge of coordinating the inter-ministerial Ebola task force), Dr Gilles RAGUIN (Health Department Director, Expertise France), Gerardus GIELEN (Head of the EU Delegation in Guinea), and the PREPARE Project coordination team, including the French Civil Security. Simultaneously, a second ERARE was deployed in Labé, with representatives from the French Embassy, from the Guinean Ebola coordination, Expertise France, the EU, and the French Civil Security.

The PREPARE Project illustrates France and EU's commitment, alongside Guinea, to fight against Ebola and strengthen response capacity building for the future epidemics that the country may encounter.

This project is part of the French response system to Ebola in Guinea, the health component of which is entrusted to Expertise France. The agency is implementing 5 projects in the health, and in the security, stability and safety sectors, including 2 with EU funding: PREPARE and EUWAM-Lab, a mobile laboratory, and this way takes part in the fight against the virus and the reconstruction of the health system in the country.

This is a crucial moment in Guinea: humanitarian teams that have been mobilised within the emergency framework for almost a year, are leaving the country, and the support missions provided to embassies are coming to an end. In this new situation, Expertise France decided to reinforce coordination and synergies on the field, and in the Paris head-office.

July 2015

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