The LAB-NET project is awarded to Expertise France


Within the context of the recurrence of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea in March 2015, the MAEDI's crisis centre entrusted Expertise France with the LAB-NET (network of laboratories for the surveillance of priority pathogens) project. The Institut Pasteur and Fondation Mérieux are tasked with implementing this project.

Manipulation d'un virus dans un labo P3CNRS
Credit : CNRS - Photothèque Jérôme Chatin

This project, 24 month in duration and with a 3-million euros budget, should improve the surveillance and diagnosis laboratory system in Guinea, with two aims: 

  • The drafting of an action plan, in collaboration with Guinean authorities; and
  • Guinean laboratories capacity building, in order for these to be able to provide a high quality diagnosis.

The Institut Pasteur and  Fondation Mérieux participation will focus on the establishment of the future Institut Pasteur in Guinea (staff training, development of procedures and installation of equipment), and will rest on the establishment of a network, with the feeding of health monitoring bulletins.

A first mission is scheduled in June in order to proceed to an overview of Guinean laboratories, and to list their needs.

June 2015

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