The France-World Bank Initiative to promote Public-Private Partnerships in Africa franc zone countries launches its website


This Initiative, at the service of infrastructure and public service development in West and Central Africa, is launching a website to share information on legal frameworks, actors and PPP projects.

Site web PPP

At the instance of African countries in the franc zone (WAEMU-CEMAC-Comoros), France and the World Bank joined forces in October 2013, to launch an Initiative to promote public-private partnerships in the countries of the franc zone. The aim is to give support to these countries to enable them to develop PPP projects, through action involving capacity building as well as training for the national and regional administration.

On the French side, the Directorate General of the Treasury runs the Initiative which relies on the AFD for general organisation purposes on the one hand, and on Expertise France for the design and implementation of the capacity building and communication component on the other. The Directorate General of the Treasury allocated 2 million euros to Expertise France for technical assistance in promoting PPPs within the framework of the Initiative.

The Initiative gives support to the WAEMU Commission in elaborating a strategy as well as a legal and institutional framework for PPPs, and supports the West African Development Bank (BOAD) in establishing the Regional PPP Project Development Unit (URDPPP). At the national level, the Initiative gives support to Senegal, Mali and Togo.

In 2016, activities at the national level and support to PPP projects will be emphasised in Côte d’Ivoire in particular.

The website of the Initiative: an instrument for States and regional Institutions

The website of the Initiative meets the need for information on regulatory frameworks, actors, instruments, funding sources as well as the experience of the 15 countries of the franc zone and their regional institutions. It informs about the actions of administrations in favouring the development of PPPs, and shows infrastructure and public service project commitments to all actors involved (companies, donors and investors).

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