Support to public finance reform


The Ministry of Finance of Cameroon and Expertise France concluded a partnership agreement on the 19th of December 2014, to support training activities of the Higher Institute of Public Finance (ISFP) in Cameroon. 

Objective: build capacities of the officers of the Ministry of Finance, support reforms initiated by the Ministry to upgrade its operating mode and its organisation, and open the training programme to a wider public in order to turn the ISFP into a place for reflection and exchanges on macroeconomic and public finance issues.

The action programme will be implemented along 3 axes:  

  • Create short professional training in public finance, especially, to reinforce specific areas: budgetary management, public accounting, and local public finances;
  • Develop cross-cutting activities integrated to the training programme: training of trainers;
  • Develop the hosting of international conferences with the contribution of international experts to share experiences and foster debates on public finance.

The partnership agreement was allocated 140,000 euros in co-funding, thus allowing the support to Cameroon in its ambitious reform and modernization of public finance project.

By Eléonore William
February 2015

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