Social protection: for 10 years, the Tekopora Programme has been fighting poverty in Paraguay


This iconic social programme, implemented by the Secretariat for Social Action (SAS) of the Presidency of the Republic of Paraguay, is providing assistance to the poorest families to reduce poverty and promote upward mobility. Since 2013, Tekopora is supported by the EUROsociAL II cooperation project, funded by the European Commission and partly managed by Expertise France.


Tekopora, "live well" in Guarani, is a national social programme aimed at fighting extreme poverty. Implemented in 2005, the programme allows the payment of aids depending on the existence of certain education or health obligations. It especially targets the most vulnerable families including children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years of age, people with disabilities or pregnant women. It aims at preventing the transgenerational transmission of poverty.

Over the last 10 years, this iconic programme managed to become a national reference, in a sometimes instable political context.

The design of Tekopora is guided by the "Bolsa Familia" Brazilian model, a programme initiated by former President Lula da Silva during his two terms (2003-2011), allowing 36 million people to escape extreme poverty in the country. Former Brazilian President Lula, who took part in the celebrations of the Tekopora programme anniversary, considers that such inclusive initiatives lead to the strengthening of national growth in the long term, as was the case of the "Bolsa Familia" in Brazil.

Presently, Tekopora reports promising results, since over 100,000 families have benefited from the programme in 2014, which was slightly more than the government's target. 99% of families from the local community of the Alto Paraguay department, one of the most disadvantaged in the country, benefit from it. Tekopora also provides specific assistance to 8,700 disabled people.

The government of Paraguay is hoping that the project reaches 130,000 families by the end of the year. SAS will be assisted in this effort by international donors and will keep on benefiting from technical support from Latin-American and European experts within the framework of the EUROsociAL II project.

Expertise France is implementing part of the EUROsociAL II project, which aims at promoting the exchange of good practices between Latin-American and European countries, with a view to reducing social inequalities.

By Yasmina Lakmad
September 2015

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