Seminar on “Vocationalisation of Education and Youth Employability in the Mediterranean region”


Within the framework of the FSP project "Higher Vocational Skills", implemented by Expertise France in the countries of the Maghreb region with a view to promoting training and the integration of young people into the labour market, the agency organised a closing seminar on January 18 and 19 in Paris.

Séminaire FSP
Credit : Audrey Ciais Ferrand

Since August 2012, the FSP project "Higher Vocational Skills", financed by the MAEDI, has been contributing in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to reinforcing vocational training in the second and third years of university, and to favouring dialogue between universities and companies, while supporting structures contributing to the integration of unemployed youth with degrees.

Endowed with a budget of 2.5 million euros, the project was able to set up practical measures in the three countries.

The closing seminar was held in Paris on January 18 and 19, in the presence of 130 participants. Representatives of the three beneficiary countries and French partners of the vocational training sector were invited to think about concrete solutions for improving vocational training efficiency, and creating strong links between universities and companies.

Three round tables were organised on projects developed in each one of the three countries:

  • Algeria: creation of four institutes of technology near strategic labour market areas, creation of training in management for unemployed engineers and support to three new centres opening in September;
  • Morocco: improving the use of professional French, setting up alternating professional licences and institutionalising links between technical universities and companies, the objective being to adjust the training offer to the needs of the job market;
  • Tunisia: giving support to the National Employment Agency, creating new training courses and valuing experience, with the support of the Tunisian Directorate General of Academic Renovation (DGRU) and National Agency for employment and self-employment (ANETI).

The FSP project is also being conducted in West Africa until May 2016.

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