Restore vital public services in the Central African Republic


Following the profound crisis which affected the Central African Republic in 2013, the Emergency Public Services Response Project (PURSeP) was implemented in response to urgency to pay the civil service salaries, and to restore progressively the public services. Expertise France is tasked with the project’s technical assistance.

The PURSeP project, funded by the World Bank, was launched in May 2014 and is coordinated by the Central African unit monitoring economic and financial reforms. It specifically aims at:

  • Optimising public servants’ management;
  • Strengthening Customs administration’s efficiency; and
  • Organising fiscal administration.

Expertise France recruited a project manager tasked with the public service component as well as two customs and taxation experts, based in Bangui, to support the Central African Ministry of Finance and Budget, as well as the Ministry of Public Service.

During the project, tax revenues increased by 54%, a taxpayers’ census plan was rolled out, the performance in terms of customs services revenue was improved by 51.6%, and the civil servants census was finalised.

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