Ministerial Conference on socioprofessional integration for people deprived of liberty


In the framework of the European Union programme EUROsociAL, the project on socioprofessional integration for people deprived of liberty aims at supporting Latin American countries in the reinforcement and the implementation of public policies to facilitate, especially through work, the rehabilitation of persons sentenced.

The conference held in San José gathered Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Justice and Interior of numerous Latin American countries, to exchange on issues associated with penal matters, and reflect on possible ways of improving social integration.

On this occasion, the EUROsociAL project, with its Justice and Citizen Security components, coordinated by Expertise France, submitted 5 documents with a regional reach to Ministers for validation; these documents were drafted by the programme's experts, in view of improving practices and policies in this area.

Regional regulation in terms of socioprofessional integration will provide a clear framework for implemented policies, and will harmonise their implementation. The regional communication strategy aims at emphasising positive aspects of rehabilitation policies and at convincing resisting public opinions of their efficiency. Regional standards in terms of integration of female prisoners, the private companies’ collaboration protocol and the inter-institutional cooperation protocol aim at reinforcing the efficiency of policies implemented in the various countries of the region.

The adoption, during the conference, of these 5 regional documents by the Ministers and the participants, representing 12 countries in the region, is a major step in the reinforcement of policies in favour of people deprived of liberty.

By Xavier Cousquer
February 2015

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