Launch of the Tax Administration Reform Support Project


The European Tax Administration Reform Support Project in Guinea, awarded to Expertise France, was initiated in January 2015 with a specific mission, and the appointment of a technical assistant specialised in taxation, to Conakry.

The objective of this project is to support the National Directorate of Taxes (DNI) of Guinea in order to allow for the broadening of the tax base, and to improve tax revenue in Guinea. This project, with a total value of 2.4 million euros (370,000 of which is funded by the French Directorate General of the Treasury), will last 3 years.

During the start-up mission, from the 19th to the 22nd of January 2015, the Expertise France team and the taxation expert met with the main partners involved, which were: representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Budget, the National Observatory of the Republic of Guinea, as well as representatives of the EU and the French Embassy. This mission was also an opportunity to organise the set-up of an administrative and logistics office.

The action programme defined by Expertise France aims at supporting the DNI in developing a strategic approach, improving user-oriented service, capacity building, establishment and implementation of a multiannual training plan, tax payers’ survey in the field, and the implementation of a modern and reliable information system.

Article by Carine Gomez
February 2015

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