Kampala: sustainable city of tomorrow


Within the framework of a regional support project funded by AFD and FGEF aiming at integrating climate change in the development strategies of four African countries, Expertise France is supporting the municipality of Kampala in developing its sustainable urban development policy.

Expertise France activities with the municipality started in 2013, with the training and support of municipal staff in the execution of energy audits.

Objective: Raise awareness among management teams on the need to develop a low carbon development strategy, which would be resilient to climate change, to ensure Kampala's economic development viability. Expertise France will support the municipality in this entire strategy development process by:

  • defining the energy and climate profile of the municipality;
  • defining the strategic vision and its objectives, and
  • defining a tailored action plan.

With Jennifer Musisi, the Municipality's Executive Director, as the main driver, and with the assistance of 8 experts recruited by Expertise France, Kampala showed an unfailing commitment in the process.

The project was launched on the 12th of February during a conference organised by the Municipality of Kampala, gathering about sixty local and national actors as well as international donors’ representatives. Activities started in March, with the first field mission of the team leader.

By Cecile Vivien
March 2015

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