Joint Expertise France-UNITAID mission in Cameroon


The OPP-ERA project, funded by UNITAID and implemented by Expertise France in four African countries, including Cameroon, aims at making several biological tests accessible to a greater number of people living with HIV. The aim of the project is to implement an open and multipurpose range of equipment that provides these tests at a lower cost.

The mission, organised from the 31st of March to the 3rd of April 2015, was an opportunity for the teams from UNITAID, and Expertise France to meet with national public health authorities in Cameroon, in order to take stock of viral load tests in the country and coordinate Expertise France interventions with other technical partners in Cameroon, and to support the Health Ministry in its decentralisation of HIV biology policy.

Two polyvalent platforms were established at the Laquintinie Hospital laboratory in Douala, and at the Centre Pasteur of Cameroon, an annex of Garoua. In 2014, thanks to the OPP-ERA project, over 11,900 people were able to access viral load testing, which is essential for people living with HIV/AIDS.

April 2015

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