HIV-Tuberculosis: Expertise France is implementing a new trainers’ training project in Abidjan's prison


Expertise France is implementing an overal HIV and tuberculosis care project in Ivorian prisons, funded by the Global Fund. 15 inmates and 5 supervisory agents were recently trained within Abidjan's prison.

The goal of the training was to strengthen knowledge and develop participants' capacities in terms of prevention, testing, and care for people living with HIV and TB within the prison.

A local trainer, and an Expertise France trainer, raised awareness among the participants on the various infections, standards of hygiene required, and communication techniques that should be used, via a participative educational approach based on role-plays and an exchange of experiences.

The implementation of activities within the prison is ensured by doctors and nurses, who are also in charge of care. Community councillors from associations are in charge of counselling, HIV voluntary testing and psychosocial follow-ups for inmates who tested positive for HIV. Peer educators, who are selected from among the inmates and supervisory staff, are in charge of raising awareness among their peers through educational meetings, about common infections. These are the main targets of these training sessions hosted by Expertise France.

Currently, 22 prisons in Côte d’Ivoire are benefiting from this project which is funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


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