First Expertise France Board meeting

CA Expertise France

The 1st Board meeting of Expertise France, the new French international technical expertise agency, was held on the 6th of July 2015, under the chairmanship of Jean-Christophe Donnellier, Inter-ministerial Delegate for the international technical cooperation.

Sébastien Mosneron Dupin, the agency's Chief Executive Officer, presented a progress report on the implementation of the institution born from the merger of 6 public operators, as well as a first operational review.

Expertise France shows a 17% increase in activity prospects in comparison with the activity of the previous operators; the agency is managing over 300 projects and was awarded around 50 new contracts since the beginning of the year. In view of this assessment, the Board adopted an initial budget of €134 million, including €114 million from awarded contracts.

Sébastien Mosneron Dupin presented an ambitious development plan based on an upmarket move of the agency's services and increased productivity. He announced that the move, in August, of the 230 employees to a unique site, will represent a new milestone in the life of the agency.

The members of the Board praised the speed at which this reform of public operators of technical cooperation was conducted.

July 2015

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