Facilitate women’s employment in Turkey


Within the framework of the collaboration between AFD, the French General Consulate and the SCAC in Ankara, Expertise France took part in a conference on women’s access to employment and childcare in Turkey, hosted from the 15th to the 17th of March in Istanbul.

This conference is part of an ongoing process of work conducted over the last 2 years by AFD and the General Consulate with local actors in order to facilitate the employment of Turkish women. This echoes with Turkey’s initiatives in favour of women’s participation in economic life, especially through the establishment of the W20 during its chairmanship of the G20 in 2015. As in many countries, Turkish women have to cope throughout adult life with difficulties associated with access to secondary education, access to the labour market and keeping of a stable job, in particular after a maternity leave.

Childcare facilities were identified as means of leverage to facilitate women’s access to the labour market and have been the subject of exchanges between French and Turkish experts during the conference. On this occasion, Expertise France mobilised a delegation of French experts from the childcare sector, to present the range of services available in France. The CNAF mission for European, international and cooperation relationships presented the French family policy. Representatives from the Paris and Strasbourg municipalities, from the National Federation of Early Childhood Associations (FNAPPE), ABC Puériculture, and Petites Canailles, presented the initiatives conducted by the public and private actors.

Visits of structures established by Turkish associations and municipalities to respond to the needs of local families, were also organised.

A cooperation project with Turkey on this theme is currently being studied by Expertise France and AFD.

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