Expertise France supports the implementation of the universal medical cover in Djibouti


Djibouti recently initiated steps to provide access to medical cover for its entire population. The African Development Bank (AfDB) is supporting this initiative and is funding the project implemented by Expertise France.

This 7-month medical cover execution project will lead to the development of the necessary steering tools for Djibouti authorities to launch and assess their long-term policy.  

Before launching the activities, a team from Expertise France's Social Protection and Employment Department went to Djibouti from the 9th to the 11th of March 2015, to meet with the representatives of the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), in charge of project implementation locally. Meetings involved the various Expertise France's institutional partners: AfBD, the French Development Agency (AFD), and European Union representatives in Djibouti.

By Yasmina Lakmad
March 2015

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