Expertise France supports the budget reform of the Moroccan Government


To strengthen good governance for the Kingdom of Morocco, authorities have initiated a reform targeting budgetary performance, transparency and accountability. Expertise France is implementing a support twinning programme for the implementation of the organic law as part of the Moroccan finance law, and organised, in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance, a seminar on the 21st of October in Rabat.

The new organic law on finance law (LOF), voted in June 2015, contributes to the reform of Morocco’s institutional and legal framework. The reform aims at reinforcing a performant and democratic financial governance.

Séminaire LOF Maroc

The objectives of the twinning programme, initiated in July 2014 over a 42-month period, and funded by the World Bank through a donation of the transition fund, are as follows:

  • Contribute to the drafting of new rules and regulations stemming from the new LOF;
  • Support ministerial departments during the implementation of the LOF, and to implement these standards; and
  • Contribute to the development of a programme monitoring and evaluation framework.

In support to the implementation of this reform, Expertise France is mobilising about 10 high-level French public experts to bring technical support to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Morocco.

The reform ownership seminar gathered about 400 participants including the Head of the Government, Mr. Abdel-Ilah BENKIRAN, the Moroccan Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mohamed BOUSSAID, and a number of high representatives of national institutions. It was the opportunity to exchange on the contributions of the LOF and the support mechanism, through the twinning programme implemented by Expertise France.

 By Alisa Rozanova
November 2015

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