Expertise France supports access to objective information in Guinea


Launched in 2014, the programme "Promotion of peace through access to objective information in the Republic of Guinea", implemented by Expertise France, just reached conclusion.

Radio rurale_Guinée forestière
Caption : Radio rurale_Guinée forestière
Radio rurale_Guinée forestière - Credit : Chasseur d'étoiles

This 18-month project, fully funded by the European Union, was aimed at supporting the Guinean media via the training of journalists, in addition to the purchase and installation of equipment, especially in Forest Guinea.

With an initial budget of €2.5 M, the project benefited from an additional €500,000 (following the Ebola epidemic), to reinforce associated activities, such as the development of health magazines.

Implementing operators are: Fondation Hirondelle, Panos Institute (IPAO), CFI (the French operator in media cooperation), École Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille (ESJ), Internews Europe and Search for Common Ground.

This programme led to the funding of a study on the Guinean media landscape (in French), published in March 2015.

By Emilie Orzalesi
April 2015

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