Expertise France supports Serbian public authorities in the fight against counterfeiting


Expertise France is coordinating a European Commission funded project aimed at supporting Serbian public authorities in the seizure of counterfeit goods.

Among all the actions initiated, an awareness raising campaign targeting the Serbian population on the protection of intellectual property rights and the dangers associated with the use of counterfeit products, entitled Fakes cost more, I buy real, was implemented on the 20th of March. Inspectors from the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications went to malls to inform consumers on the health and safety risks associated with the use of counterfeit goods and their negative impact on the local economy.

In November 2014, six crushers used to destroy counterfeit goods were installed in 3 intervention sites in Serbia: Belgrade, Irig and Krusevac, and staff were trained to use them.

On the 28th of April, the project conclusions will be presented to local media during the official inauguration of the Belgrade site, in the presence of high-level representatives of the Serbian Ministry, and European Union delegation representatives in Serbia.

 By Aurore Lhomme
April 2015

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