Expertise France presents "Africa4Climate"


Africa4Climate is the name of a project aimed at supporting the drafting and implementation of low-carbon development strategies, resilient to climate change in Africa, funded by AFD and FFEM (the French Global Environment Facility), and implemented by Expertise France.

Initiated in 2012 with a budget of 3 million euros over a 3 year period, Africa4Climate aims at building capacities of 4 African countries (Uganda, Kenya, Gabon and Benin) in order to integrate climate change into their national policies.

Credit : Andrew Jarvis

The innovative approach adopted by this project is essentially based on resorting to international and national expertise in support of local partners. To this end, and since the inception of the project, Expertise France mobilised about thirty experts who were specialists in analyzing and taking into account the causes and consequences of climate change.

Africa4Climate aims at developing links between locally established initiatives, and providing authorities with the necessary tools and capacities to effectively integrate the challenges of climate change into actions undertaken. In the longer term, Africa4Climate could be rolled out in other countries as well.

 By Mathilde Burnouf
June 2015

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