Expertise France is supporting urban development in Bahrain


Collaboration between the Kingdom of Bahrain and France in terms of urban planning is entering a concrete stage. A memorandum of understanding was signed on the 4th of June 2015 between the Bahraini Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and the Urban Planning and Expertise France. 

Signature du protocole d’entente, le 4 juin 2015

Within the framework of the France-Bahrain initiative for urban planning, stemming from a meeting between the King Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa and President François Hollande in August 2014, Expertise France initiated a dialogue with the Bahraini government to bring technical assistance to the General Directorate of Urban Planning (GDUP) in April 2015.

The aim of the memorandum is to engage in a sustainable institutional cooperation between the two states: a technical assistance contract should be negotiated that would allow for Expertise France to support the strengthening of GDUP's institutional and technical capacities. The contract should allow Expertise France and its partners, Arep, Egis and Setec, to roll out a team of public and private technical experts from September 2015. These experts will work alongside GDUP to devise a global and integrated approach to urban development.

After three years of technical assistance, GDUP will ensure definition, management and control of urban development in Bahrain.

By Élodie Afonso
June 2015

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