Expertise France is supporting the Ministry of Finance and Budget


Within the framework of a project funded by the European Union, Expertise France took part in the revamping of the Ministry's website, with the aim of developing communication with other Central African institutions, businesses, donors, and the public.

1ère réunion de travail pour les éditorialistes

Two experts guided a Central African team of IT professionals, webmasters and editorial writers, and the website is now online:

In parallel with this website support mission, Expertise France supported the drafting of an operational action plan for the public finance reform plan for the 2015-2016 period. Recommendations have been given to improve on reforms design and monitoring, and hence reinforce Central African public finances.

The plan takes into account priorities in terms of public finance reforms:

  • interior resources mobilisation;
  • control over expenditure;
  • financial governance, including transparency, control, and the fight against corruption.

July 2015

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