Expertise France hosts a Mercosur delegation


On the 4th of May 2015, Expertise France hosted a delegation of representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, in Paris. This was part of the support programme to economic integration and sustainable development process reinforcement of Mercosur, ECONORMAS.

The delegation was headed by Mrs Annamaria Narizano, ECONORMAS project director, led by the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU). It included officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Ministry of Industry that work on issues of technical regulation and compliance assessment.

In France, the delegation met with AFNOR, DGE (quality for industry and standardisation sub-directorate - SQUALPI), COFRAC (French accreditation committee) and EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation). The delegation then visited Brussels (to meet with DG DEVCO), and Germany.

Expertise France presented its intervention areas and its main references in terms of quality infrastructure and cooperation programmes conducted in partnership with Latin America. Discussions were then held on the ECONORMAS programme, and cooperation prospects on quality infrastructure themes with European funding.

The ECONORMAS programme, initiated in 2009 for a first 5-year period, was extended by a year in 2014. The programme benefited from an €18 million budget, which included €12 million in grants from the EU with DCI funding, and €6 million funded by Mercosur.

By Carolina Ballester
May 2015

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