Expertise France co-hosts a workshop on human resources management in Morocco

Ouverture du séminaire par Sébastien Mosneron Dupin, directeur général d’Expertise France

Expertise France co-hosted a workshop on “Human resources capacity building and management”, alongside the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the Secretariat-General for the French Economy and Finance Ministries, on the 11th and 12th of June 2015 in Rabat.

This high-level workshop convened about a hundred managers from the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MEF), Moroccan Authorities, and Moroccan and French participants, to exchange ideas on best practices in human resources in administration.

Sébastien Mosneron Dupin, Expertise France Chief Executive Officer, opened this workshop with Abdelali El Berria (Inspector-General of Finance, Kingdom of Morocco) and Isabelle Roux-Trescases (head of the General Economic and Financial Audit Department, France). This was the CEO’s first official trip to a partner country.

The Chief Executive Officer recalled Expertise France’s will to carry on and reinforce the close and sustainable relationships already established with MEF, especially through support of the establishment and development of a technical cooperation agency within the MEF, with the aim of extending Franco-Moroccan expertise to sub-Saharan Africa.

This workshop fits into the framework of a bilateral cooperation contract binding MEF and Expertise France for the 2013-2015 period, and thereby providing for the development of cooperation actions on transversal issues associated with administrative management modernisation.

By Mathilde Brun
June 2015

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