Environmental governance support project


Expertise France signed a delegation agreement in December 2014 with the European Union Delegation in Tunis, for the implementation of a four-year "Local environmental governance for Gabes industrial activity project", in Tunisia.

Objective of the project: contribute to the reduction of coastal and marine pollution associated with industrial activity in the Gabes area, within a renewed environmental national policy framework. The project supports the implementation and sustainability of good local environmental governance, involving all stakeholders: civil society, industries, municipalities, and technical services.

Gabès, Tunisie
Credit : © DR

Expected results are:

  • a more specific knowledge of the issue, as well as operational solutions aimed at reducing the impact;
  • capacity building for industrials in the area in terms of environmental management;
  • capacity building for local actors in terms of environmental communication and implementation of an good environmental governance local momentum;
  • direct support, via grants, to local development and environmental protection actions.

Besides global project coordination, Expertise France will specifically take care of the reinforcement of the governance framework, as well as to support local development projects through the allocation of grants to local organisations. Expertise France is working in collaboration with a permanent Tunisian expert team based at the South Development Office, in Gabes.

By Murielle Gurtner
February 2015

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