Conclusion of the counterfeit goods awareness campaign


On the 27th and 28th of April 2015, Expertise France took part in the closing of the counterfeit goods awareness campaign that targeted the Serbian population, within the framework of a European intellectual property reinforcement twinning project conducted in Serbia.

Fin de la campagne de sensibilisation aux dangers de la contrefaçon, Serbie_28 avril 2015
Credit : Kovacic&Spaic

This €1.5 million project, funded by the European Union, aims at strengthening the enforcement of intellectual property rights, especially through the fight against the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods. Since its launch in June 2013, the project equipped Serbian institutions based in Irig, Belgrade and Krusevac with machines for destroying seized counterfeit goods.

The event was an opportunity to present the intellectual property challenges as well as highlight the situation in Serbia, and the accomplishments of the twinning project. In attendance were Mrs Vesna Kovač (Secretary of State to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications), Mr Mickael Davenport (UE ambassador), and the British and Danish ambassadors. Crushers were inaugurated in the presence of the national media.

The project will come to an end in November 2015, when the ownership of the machines will be transfered from Expertise France to the beneficiary institutions: the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, and the Customs Administration.

By Farid Tamimount
May 2015

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