Chemical and biological weapons: Expertise France coordinates the training of international experts


Within the framework of the G7 Global Partnership against the spread of weapons and materials of mass destruction, the Ministry of Defence entrusted Expertise France with the hosting of a training of about 20 international experts. The training, which started on the 7th of June, includes several observers and senior United Nations officials.

This initiative is part of cooperation actions delegated to Expertise France by the Ministry of Defence for a maximum annual amount of 1 million euros.

The 20 experts selected by the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) to participate in the training come from 15 different countries. The Directorate General of International Relations and Strategy of the Ministry of Defence is steering the training, in collaboration with the defence staff, and with the support of Expertise France.

For two weeks, experts mobilised by the UN Secretary General's Mechanism for investigation* will alternate between concrete practice and theoretical excercises, and will therefore simulate the execution of a mission in a country where biological or chemical weapons have allegedly been used.

By Elisabeth Chouraki
June 2015

* This mechanism allows the UN Secretary General to roll out a fact setting field mission in case of alleged use of biological or chemical weapons.

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