Annick Girardin visits Expertise France: promising first year for the new operator


One year after the creation of Expertise France, Annick Girardin visited the premises on January 20. She presented the priorities of French development policy for 2016, which include following up on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in New York in September 2015.

With more than 300 projects in 80 countries, Expertise France, as the leading agency of French international technical assistance, shows very promising development perspectives, with an activity growth of almost 15%.

Expertise France promotes French expertise internationally by giving support to France’s partner countries in building public policies that meet institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.

The agency designs and implements projects relating to democratic and financial governance, sustainable development, human development as well as partner country stability. It played a part in youth employability in the Maghreb region, brought French expertise to Greece to manage the public finance crisis, and fought against health crises. Following on from COP21, it implemented the Africa4Climate project for the elaboration and implementation of low-carbon development strategies resilient to climate change in Africa, thanks to funds provided by the AFD and the FFEM.

For Annick Girardin, "in its first year already, Expertise France has been supporting our actions for development, particularly in fighting against Ebola, in favour of refugees or in fighting against climate change. By putting the best of our technical expertise at the disposal of our partners, Expertise France is a quality tool at the service of a sustainable future."

"Today Expertise France is proud to share France’s know-how internationally via innovative projects associating public and private expertise. Through exchanges between practitioners and the implementation of very concrete projects, our agency is fully committed to the capacity building of our partners with a view to taking up the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals", highlighted the Chief Executive Officer of Expertise France, Sébastien Mosneron Dupin.

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