2nd framework agreement won for Consumer Classroom


Expertise France, as the head of a European consortium, won the first lot of the 2nd framework agreement of the Consumer Classroom project, funded by the European Commission. Objective: foster consumer education for high school students in the EU via an interactive platform.

Expertise France had previously won the first framework agreement of the Consumer Classroom project and launched the Consumer Classroom website in March 2013, targeting high school teachers and consumer education experts. Available in 23 languages, with over 1,000 free resources related to consumption (finance, health, food, ecology, energy, advertising practices, digital culture, etc.), the website records over 600,000 single visitors.

The first lot of the 2nd framework agreement aims at improving the platform and its influence by bringing in new learning tools, strengthening collaborative instruments and reinforcing existing partnerships.

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By Muriel Santoro
February 2015

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