Short-term expert on change management

The project

Project description

The reform of public administration is one of the conditions for the implementation of structural reforms included in the economic adjustment program for Greece funded by the member states of the European Union and the IMF.


To promote this reform, Greece has requested assistance from the European Union. A Structural Reform Service Support (SRSS) was formed for this purpose by the European Commission and France was designated to lead the effort for technical support from Member States and international organizations in the reform of state administrations.


France has been supporting the reform of state administrations since 2012. Expertise France (EF) was in charge since 2013 of the implementation of the technical assistance in this field.


The project led by Expertise France provides support to the Greek administrative reform. A Project Team composed by long and short term experts is located in Athens and is in charge of the implementation of the technical assistance under the supervision and coordination of Expertise France. To this end, Expertise France is currently looking for an expert for the position of “short term expert on change management”.

The position


Short-term expert on change management

Country or Region

Athens, Greece


Maximum 50 days, until October 2017

Job description

The expert will work under Component 5 – Change management. The aim of Component 5 is to support the design and implementation of both internal and external communication strategy that will address the issues and objective of the reform to the civil service and to the general public.


The expert shall provide:

  • An analysis of the existing situation and assessment of communication gaps and risks including conducting a baseline survey and ensure follow-up of the relevant impact indicators of the Technical Assistance action
  • Support in the design of a communication strategy
  • Support in the implementation of the communication strategy
  • Support in the design and operation of an administrative reform web site


The expert will work under the responsibility of the project team and in close cooperation with the other experts involved with the implementation of this component.



Required profile

Qualifications and skills

  • Postgraduate degree in public administration, political science, economics or social sciences. In the absence of a degree in the above fields, 10 years of relevant working experience is required.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English. Competency in French and/or Greek will be appreciated.
  • Proven analytical, research and reporting abilities.

Professional experience

  • Minimum 5 years of postgraduate professional experience at international and/or national level in the field of reforms in the public or private sector.


Specific experience
  • A proven track record of minimum 5 years in carrying out communication activities.
  • Good knowledge of the change management within the public administration.
  • Knowledge of Greek context would be an asset.

Other information

Documents to submit :
  • CV ;


Together with CV, candidates have to give full coordinates of the company which is to be contracted by Expertise France.


The process of selection of expressions of interest will occur in two phases:

  • As a first step, a shortlist will be freely established by Expertise France.
  • Selected candidates may then be invited for an interview.


Fees for the services will be negotiated with the designated candidate.

The offer



Deadline for application


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