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The overall objective of the PAS Programme is “to support African integration through better availability and quality of statistical information facilitating decision-making and policy monitoring”. The more specific objectives are to 1) “improve the production and dissemination of good quality statistics in Africa”; and 2) “support the AU in strengthening its institutional capacity to provide comparable official statistics needed to underpin the AU integration process and measure African progress towards global goals”.

 To reach the specific objectives, the PAS Programme is expected to achieve 3 results: 1) Enhanced capacity and a more harmonised approach for the production of good quality statistics for the AU; 2) Enhanced dissemination approaches and increased dissemination of quality data in Africa; 3) Strengthened institutional capacity for Statistics in Africa, including the creation of the AU Statistical Institute.

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Short-Term IT Expert

Pays ou Région (bailleur)

Africa, Addis Ababa

Durée de la mission

40 working days

Description du poste

Under the result area 1 (“Enhanced capacity, and a more harmonized approach, to the production of good quality statistics for the AU”) the general TORs for PAS explicitly mention the “Creation of a database/data warehouse and support for tools serving enhanced production” and within this task the activity “Support in the design and implementation of a database and tools to manage data”.

The TORs clarify that the beneficiary should be AUSTAT alone (“Support AUSTAT in the development of a database (data warehouse) for AU integration data”) and not, for example, RECS or NSIs considering to have such a tool. Nevertheless, PAS as well as AUSTAT have to be aware that at least some RECs are also creating databases and thus redundant storage of the same data in different databases may lead to discrepancies in publications and consequently to irritations of users and/or additional workload for clarifications.

In this framework, a volume of 40 WD will be allocated for SNKE starting in September 2017.

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Court terme

Profil recherché

Qualifications et compétences

  • Advanced knowledge and experience in database development, including design, programming and management;
  • Strong knowledge and experience in web-design
  • Familiarity with economic data, SDGs indicators and relevant statistical database;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Ability to operate effectively in an international environment;
  • Fluent spoken and written English.
  • Good command of French would be an asset
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in web API, RSS, JSON, XML, WCF, web service.

Expérience professionnelle

Expérience professionnelle générale :

  • Experience as IT System Analyst with vast knowledge on latest IT technology and how best to leverage it within an organisation;
  • Experienced in programming with familiarities in ASP.NET, JS, C#, AJAX, SQL Server, SQL
  • Good knowledge of economic/statistics databases used in policy research;

Expérience professionnelle spécifique :

  • A minimum of 10 years professional experience in database development, including design, programming and management;
  • Experience in working in an international environment and in the African region/ developing countries would be an advantage

Informations complémentaires

Documents à fournir :

  • CV ;

 Les candidats devront indiquer l'entreprise/entrepreneur qui pourrait être amené à conclure le marché avec Expertise France / Together with CV, candidates have to give full coordinates of the company which is to be contracted by Expertise France.

Le processus de sélection des manifestations d’intérêt se fera en deux temps :

  • Dans un premier temps, une liste restreinte sera établie librement par Expertise France.
  • Dans un deuxième temps, les candidats sélectionnés pourront être conviés à un entretien.

Les honoraires seront négociés avec le candidat retenu.

 The process of selection of expressions of interest will occur in two phases:

  • As a first step, a shortlist will be freely established by Expertise France.
  • Selected candidates may then be invited for an interview.

Fees for the services will be negotiated with the designated candidate.



Pan African Statistics Programme (PAS)

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